The deleteFiles_new script deletes all files and directories from the scratch drive older than 180 days that match a certain regular expression. The script also ensures that the parent folder of any discarded files does not have it's modification date changed.

Command Line:

deleteFiles_new is called with the following command line prompt:

$ deleteFiles_new

Regular Expression:

Deleted files and directories must match the following criteria:

  • Modification date for files and directories must be older than 180 days
  • Deleted files have the following regular expressions:

    • *.sorted.bam
    • *[eo][0-9]+
    • *master.tsv
    • *master_masked.tsv
  • Deleted directories have the following regular expressions:

    • */bwamem
    • */bowtie2
    • */gatk
    • */novo
    • */snap
    • */trimmed
    • */samtools
    • */varscan
    • */xml
    • */.spades
    • */.trimmomatic
    • */.pilon
    • */.work_directory