The yield_approximation script estimates the depth of coverage given a file name, read length, and estimated genome size.

Command Line:

yield_approximation is called with the following command line prompt:

$ yield_approximation <file name> <read length> <genome size>


The following is a list of arguments for yield_approximation:

<file name>
Name of the file to be analyzed by yield_approximation.
<read length>
Read length of sample in file.
<genome size>
Approximate genome size of sample in file.


For example, running yield_approximation on a file 'test.txt' with 2653992 lines, read length of 151, and approximate genome size of 2,800,000:

$ yield_approximation test.txt 151 2800000

would result in the command line output:

test.txt    71

Read Length

Read length can be found by running the file through a script called getReadLength.