Torque vs. Slurm Comparison

To do this:

Old Command

New Command

Summary of all jobs in queue (just your jobs)

qstat (-u <userid>)

squeue (-u <userid>)

Details about all jobs in queue

qstat -n1 (that’s the number ‘1’)

squeue -l (that’s a lowercase ‘L’)

Details about a specific job

qstat -f <jobid>

scontrol show job <jobid>

Status of all nodes

mdiag -n

sinfo -Nl (that’s a lowercase ‘L’)

Delete a job from the queue

qdel <jobid>

scancel <jobid>

Delete all of your jobs

qdel -u <userid>

scancel -u <userid>

Delete a range of jobs

qdel-range <start> <end>

scancel {<start>..<end>}

Start an interactive shell

qsub -I

srun --pty bash

Submit a single command to the queue

q <command to run>

srun <command to run> -or- sbatch --wrap=”<command to run>”

See what resources your finished jobs actually used

No simple equivalent


Note: qdel-range, q, and jobstats are not part of base torque/slurm but rather internal scripts in /scratch/bin/ on aspen and will not be available on other servers.